Kim And Raisa

Skip reading, and go straight to my room.

Hello there. Thank you for being here. We are super new here and thrilled to be nude and naked from time to time with nice guys. I am Kim, and Raisa is my close girlfriend. We are very much in love when we have the time and place to feel like it. We work on the webcam and show you how we are making love. We allow you to be in our chat room and send us messages.

We can also respond when we like to! We are into making friends for life, as we have found out that a lot of cool people hang out on the net instead of in parks 🙂 We love the idea you can easily connect with us, we are safe and warm in our rooms, ready to get naked for you! We love special requests, just tell us what you like to see me do to Raisa, and maybe you can ask her things too. As said, we are new. So please give us some time to get used to the whole site and to answer your messages on time. Well, nothing more to say! Hope to see you soon!

It is time you come to our room and make love to us!