About us

We have always been here. Since the early years of the Live cam World, we have always been here. Just not on this exact domain. But that is about to change as you have noticed, obviously. The Team of CamQ consists of professionals that are working together behind the scene to take over the world someday! Plans are being spoken about, beta projects are being experimented with, and dreams shattering on the floor in thousands of pieces. But nothing is so easy as cleaning up some broken data!

CamQ likes to keep things simple. When push comes to shovel, you are here to find a girl and to have a nice time with her. You are not here to feed the webcam sites with data, and your personal info and become part of their spammy database. We keep it simple, we do not bother you anymore when you leave our website.

Links placed on this website are all verified. We do take responsibility for the websites we link to. We do care for what our surfers are confronted with. Additional value is added by using a black list database and keeps you away from sites and models badly spoken about.

We bring Quality back into the live cam world. Your visit and support are very appreciated. When we feel you are watching, we might even work harder! If you want to see your link/room listed on CamQ.com then send us an email and we will handle your request.

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